18" x 12" Yard Sign



Do you have a small neighborhood business? Are you looking for new and exciting ways to invigorate your potential customer base? Have you ever been curious about how to compete with bigger retail chain while staying true to your charming organic roots? Then it's time for you to let your message grow with a 18" x 12" YARD SIGN.

Waking up to a neighbor's home undergoing a major renovation can generate a lot of interest amongst the neighborhood. After word gets around that an ambitious construction project is taking place, nagging spouses come out of the woodwork and start to ask the important hard hitting questions of their significant other.

"Why do we still have a dirt backyard when the neighbors are getting a new deck!?"

Wouldn't it be nice to let all the curious (and nosy) neighbors living on the same street just who exactly was contracted to build that fancy new deck? We'll then, it's time to buy a couple of 24 x 18 YARD SIGNS and plant those bad boys in the yard of the next home your company is asked to renovate and just sit back and wait for the phone to start ringing. You'll be halfway through your current project by the time you'll have 2-3 new customers lined up to employ the services of your business.

Banner4sale uses only the finest quality materials for our 18" x 12" YARD SIGNS starting with our environmentally friendly and safe water-based latex inks in addition to all of our yard signs being printed on our top of the line Flatbed UV Printer. Since UV printing expedites the drying process by curing it with light, resulting in a crisp image with bright colors as well as making text and more delicate details more legible.