Return Policy


Occasionally there may be a need for a reprint or refund on an order. Although we cannot grant all requests, we do our best to keep everyone happy. This page has information about all special circumstances that may arise due to unforeseen issues.


Unfortunately, we cannot avoid all accidental damage. If your package arrives damaged, please give us a call immediately and we will reprint and reship within 24 hours. You will need to hold onto your package and its contents for possible inspection from UPS after we make a claim. We may request a picture of the damage to add to our files.


If you receive your order and consider the color to be inaccurate to your original, please consider the following:

  • Not all computer monitors are the same and this represents one of the fundamental problems with color "matching". Even if your monitor is "calibrated", it may still be showing higher levels of one color or another.
  • Light represents color much differently than reflective material. When viewing color on a screen, it is represented in RGB, whereas printed material is made up of 4 colors - CMYK. The difference can be drastic.
  • RGB shows colors that cannot be printed. Some colors, such as bright colors and neons, can be represented on a computer screen, but cannot be printed. The best way to see a "preview" of your image is to convert it to CMYK color space before you send it to print.


Because of many factors such as environmental humidity, material humidity, current settings, material variances, consumable characteristics it's impossible to have exactly consistent print results for every print run. Therefore, we consider a 5% variance in color to be acceptable and cannot reprint based on these slight differences.

However, if there are printing defects with your banner, upon inspection we may grant a reprint. Please note: samples of the defective banner may be requested.


We hold no responsibility for poor results from low resolution files. This includes files that have been intentionally doctored to increase the resolution of an image. Please request a proof if you have doubts about your artwork or if you are unsure about your artwork in any way.