Full Color Banners


Here at Banner4Sale, your custom banner is not limited to just black and white: you’ve got the whole color spectrum at your disposal! Yourcustom full color banneris only as limited as your imagination can take you. We offer a variety of materials and accessories for your banner, which you can find more information about here.

Colors are just as important as the images you put on the page, and the colors you choose will convey a different emotion and level of perception from your consumers.


Red exudes a sort of power and authority. It also shows an intense passion for the product, commands a presence.


Orange is seen as fun, uplifting, and playful. Orange and yellow are also most closely associated with “summer” products.


Yellow is the universal color for happiness, energy, and all around optimism. You’ll find that most stores use a lot of yellow since it’s attractive and reflects an openness about their business.


Green promotes a return to nature, and a more earthy tone. Usually, food businesses or those that deal directly with the environment use green in their logo.


There is an intellectual trustworthiness to the color blue. It also can symbolize technological progress and a serious tone, almost authoritative but not as commanding as red would be.


Purple is associated with royalty and elegance, and with a romantic tint to it. A purple brand logo would have the expectation of offering a streamlined service or product.


Although pink is usually associated with female empowerment, it also lends a playful and youthful air to your product. Businesses that target young adults or children typically use some form of pink.


Like green, brown has an earthy tone, more natural. Because of the rustic feel, it has an essence of “experience” about it, like an old man’s wisdom.