Here you will find a number useful resources and links to other internal resources related to banner printing, order fulfillment, and other processes involved with our banner printing services.


Do you print on colored vinyl or just white vinyl?
We only print on white substrates. We do not use any white ink and since the base color of the banner material is already white, no white ink is required.

Do I need to add bleed to my artwork?
No need to add bleed to your artwork we take care of that for you.

What do you call those cuts made in the banner and how do I request them?
The cuts are called wind slits.

Will the banner fade and what kind of life expectancy can I expect from my banner?
Well, that depends on how you use your banner. If you only use your banner for indoor for trade shows your banner will last longer than you will. If you use your banner in Las Vegas in 120 degree weather in direct sunlight, well not very long since the sun is very intense in these type of environments but if the banner is not in direct sunlight it will still last a long time even if it’s 120 degrees. The other extreme would be if you’re in Minnesota and its really cold and windy the material can crack and also have a hard time holding up.

What specifically is the difference between a trimmed edge and hemmed edge and why would I want one style over the other?

  • A trimmed edge is a raw-cut edge with no finishing. Some people prefer this look for their photo back drop banners and other hanging banner styles.
  • A hemmed edge is a double stitched sewn edge. The material is folded over about an inch and then sewn. This adds durability to the edge when we add metal grommets. We use a hemmed edge on all double-sided banners because we actually sew two banners together and using our hem machines is the only way to do that.
  • A seamed edge is the same as a hemmed edge in that the edge of the material is folded over about an inch and pressed together. The main difference here is that a seamed edge is actually welded together and it is super clean looking. A seamed edge is the cleanest and most durable finishing possible for Banner4Sale.

Learn more about the seamed edge process by viewing our banner equipment page.

How do I upload my artwork after checkout?
You can upload your artwork any time after checkout by accessing your account area at our store. Log in and view the order you wish to add artwork to. You will see a comment area at the bottom of the order review page where you can upload the artwork and add a comment. When viewing your order history make sure you actually click on the button that says “View Order” from the list of orders on the page.

What specifically is the difference between each banner material and its uses?
Please see our Banner Material page.

Why did you fold my supersized banner when you shipped it to me?
We have to fold extra-large banners in order to avoid paying for freight charges. If you would like to pay additional shipping charges so we can ship you a huge banner on a roll, please call ahead of time and we can work out the details for you. Otherwise, our shipping manager will use his best judgment when it comes to shipping out your banner. For example, a 20ft x 40ft banner is impossible to ship without folding at least twice. There is absolutely no way we can get you a 20ft long box unless you hire a flat-bed semi to transport it for you. Even folding it in half at 10ft, we still cannot ship a 10ft box without the shipping charges being outrageous.

Will my banner be folded or rolled?
Most large banners we make have to be folded since the box size is too large for UPS and would cost a fortune. If would like to request that your banner be rolled and shipped please email with your order number and we can charge you the shipping difference.

My banner has creases or wrinkles because it was folded for shipping, how do I get them out?
Getting creases out of your vinyl banner is easy. Simply lay the banner out flat in the sun for about 30 minutes and then pull the edges taught. As the material heats up it becomes more pliable. You will notice that the creases will disappear over time. You can also use a hair dryer or heat gun to warm up the material to achieve the same results.

Can I submit my art file as a jpeg? What are acceptable file formats?
Yes, a high resolution JPG file is okay provided the resolution is relative to the size of the banner you are having us print for you. We accept the following image and source file types: BMP, PNG, JPG, PSD, AI, TIF, PDF, and SVG.

I have a super huge art file to submit, what is the best way to get the art to you?
You can either upload it to your order at our website or send it to us using a third-party service like yousendit or wetransfer. Please email the artwork to the design department email address with the following subject line format: ORDERNUMBER - ARTWORK

Does the production time start after art approval?
Yes, when you request a proof your banner does not get processed for production until the proof has been approved by you. Basically you will be working with our design department until your artwork is finalized, then and only then, will your order be moved to the production schedule. However, once it gets to production it usually prints and ships within 24-48 hours unless rush processing has been requested and paid for in advanced.

What is Next-Day Rush Processing and what is the cut-off time?
We will print your banner and ship it out the same day if your order is placed, files are received and proofs approved (if applicable) prior to 9 AM PST. Cut-off time for 1-day rush processing is 9:00 AM PST. If order is placed, files are received or proofs approved after 9 AM PST the order will ship out the following business day. ** The processing time begins once files are received and proofs are approved (if applicable). **

What is 2-Day Rush Processing and what is the cut-off time?
2-Day Rush means your banner or job will print and ship within 36-48 hours (weekends and holidays excluded). The cut-off time for 2-Day Rush processing is 9 AM Pacific Time. If the order is placed before 9 AM, 2-Day Rush processing is selected, all the files have been received and the proofs approved (if applicable) your job will print and ship by the next business day. After the 9 AM PST cut-off time, the order will print and ship within the next two business days following receipt of the print files and proof approval (if applicable). **The processing time begins once files are received and proofs are approved (if applicable). **

My package arrived damaged, now what?
We ship all packages via FedEx and they insure all packages up to $100.00 and greater if requested by us. In order for FedEx to accept any claim and issue a refund/replacement funds, the following will be required for each and every order: 1) The value to repair or replace the item shipped 2) Contact information including Name and Phone number of person making claim 3) Description of the product damaged 4) Would you like the inspector to come to your location to inspect the damaged package or would you like to ship it to FedEx for inspection 5) Any and all damaged boxes, packaging materials and the damaged product(s) need to be retained for inspection. THESE ITEMS SHOULD BE BACKED UP WITH PHOTOGRAPHS. FedEx automatically covers damages up to $100. Orders over that amount need to be declared at time of shipment. The price to cover the higher amount is $0.80/per $100. **All of the above will need to be supplied and handled before FedEx will grant any refunds. Once we have been granted an approved claim, the amount can then be refunded to you or applied to a new order.