24" x 24" Yard Sign



So you've finally caved in and agreed to sell that boat/rv/dune buggy/jet ski you bought but never really used, all you need to do now is find somebody willing to buy it. But how does one go about doing that?

You could take out an ad in the classified section of a magazine, mailer, or newspaper. The problem with that is that a printed newspaper ad can cost nearly $200 per ad in some cases, and with technology running rampant these days, most people prefer the click of a mouse to the turn of a page.

How about an online classified ad? Given the sheer overload of web ads/classified boards scattered all over the internet, your ad could get lost in sea of oversaturation. Not to mention getting inundated with countless emails informing you of online "low-cost prescription meds" and "sexy singles in your area who want to meet" when you put your contact information for anyone on the internet to see.

Well then, how DO you sell something you don't use to a potentially interested party, that's worth a decent amount of money, without knowing who/where they are and does not involve spending a lot of money or waking up to an inbox full of spam e-mail?

You do it with a 24 X 24 YARD SIGN! Our Yard Signs are a quick cost effective alternative to traditional avenues in terms of selling vehicles, heirlooms, or various other items with a high monetary value while completely sidestepping the need of a middle man.

Just plant the sign in front of or next to your car/boat/scooter that you're trying to sell and wait until everyone passing by decides to start inquiring about making a purchase, if you're lucky, you can get them whipped up into a bidding war.