24" x 36" Yard Sign



The bulky traditional wooden restate sign, they're everywhere. You probably pass by a handful of these on a daily basis, but do you know what goes into installing one of these? Well first, given the girth of the wooden post, a hole must be dug which takes about 30 min to a full hour. Next you need to take it out of a truck, van, or vehicle large enough to hold several of these. Lifting of the sign usually requires 2 people given the weight of each individual sign.

After the sign is readily available to plant into the ground, usually one person pours quick cement into the hole while the other person holds the sign in place until it sets.

When the sign has served it's purpose, removal of the sign requires digging around the quick dry cement to pull the sign out of the ground, which is now considerably more heavy due to the cement. Once the sign is out of the ground, the labor intensive process starts all over again if the sign needs to be used at another location.

If this real estate sign instillation explanation has left you discouraged in any way, allow me to make a more practical suggestion, a 36 X 24 YARD SIGN from Banner4sale! Traditional wooden real estate signs can cost upwards of $150 each. Our coroplast yard signs are lightweight and affordably priced at nearly 1/5th the cost of a wooden sign.

Do you know what goes into the installation process of a 36 X 24 YARD SIGN? Make sure to add to cart an H-Stake. Then take the H-Stake and firmly push it into the ground, next you take the coroplast sign and align the flutes with the top of the H-Stake and gently slide it down. When you're finished, just pull the H-Stake gently out of the ground. Not to mention the fact that you can keep an entire neighborhood's worth of signs in your typical compact car.